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1. Before requesting a game, go to the GAME LIST and press [Ctrl] + [F] and see if the game you’re requesting is there first or type it in the Search bar!

2. RESEARCH the game that you want to request BEFORE requesting it! Also, DON’T request the following::

• Don’t request MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games!

• Don’t request games that require you to be connected to the Internet!*

• Don’t request games that require you to be connected to a game’s servers to play!**

• Don’t request games that aren’t for the PC!

• Don’t request games that are already free!

• Don’t request software whatsoever!

* This rule doesn’t apply to single-player games with always-online DRM, as DRM can be crack-able and, therefore, the said game can be played offline.

** This includes games with cracked servers.

3. You are only allowed to request ONE game per day! (A request counts if it’s an upload, update, or re-upload).

4. Go to the Donation page to learn how to upload and share games! When you share a game, DON’T upload files with malware!

5. You ARE allowed to request games that haven’t been released yet IF the game’s release date and your request date are a week or less apart!

6. Read the featured comment when you get a chance! You never know what you might find there! Also, don’t spam or advertise other websites! You will get banned if a moderator finds out!


list List of games requested today: (July 21, 2024)

list List of games requested yesterday: (July 20, 2024)

list List of games requested two days ago: (July 19, 2024)



They just do it because they want to help me, they don’t have any benefits. so please respect them.