Game Information:

Back in the Dwarven Motherland across the great sea, the Dwarven King, Dunold the Wise, has chartered a number of Dwarf Companies to explore and colonize strange new lands beyond the sea. As a Regional Manager in one of these companies, it is your duty to scout out one such island and make a foothold for Dwarven civilization there.

Back home, the Dwarves are at the beginning of an industrial revolution. With newly invented gunpowder weapons and steam engines, the Dwarves have quickly overcome their ancestral enemies in the motherland, and have spread across the earth in search of profits and expanded market opportunities.

The Dwarves are a hardy race, and with access to gold, a warm hearth, and ale, can overcome any challenge — and this colonization business is going to be a major challenge. The strange lands beyond the sea are uncivilized wilds, and full of unknown dangers. Competing companies see profit in these lands as well, and they don’t take kindly to other firms edging in on their territory. Dwarven companies are ruthless competitors, demanding profits for their shareholders at all costs. If that means sacrificing a few measly workers for that extra ton of gold ore, so be it!

These are trying times for the Dwarves. Will you manage your company well and gain profit and glory? Or will you be driven back to the motherland by the hordes of savage Goblins, Elves and Mole Men, and thrown to the dustbin of history?

How To Install:


         1.   Download DwarfCorp Here:

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           2.   Install.
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           4.   Play game.
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